Sunday, January 1, 2012

If I knew you were coming I'da baked a cake!

Welcome to the whimsical little hand crafted world of Tamara McDannel (that's me)! I am so pleased you stopped by for a visit.

Here I will disclose my shenanigans, vagabonding, and rabble-rousing attempts as a craftsman. Adventures include, but not limited to, fibery things (the knitting and the needling), pulpy things (of the paper variety), thready things (of man and machine), edible things (with sugar and spice), earthy things (from a thumb of green), daubed things (with color, quite naturally), sketchy things (what did you take me for?!), hoochie things (the giggle water, my friends!), musical things (not me, silly, just my affinity for some bitchin' tunes), and whatever else my crafty little heart desires!

My secret hopes are to fill these posts with an unfailing heart for folklore, a valuation for vintage and curiosity for creativity. Stop by often and take a gander at something nostalgic yet unique!

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